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Agribusiness Financing Loans

Loan packages for any type or size of agribusiness.

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Agricultural Installment Loans

For needs such as machinery and equipment, vehicles, facilities, breeding livestock, real estate and refinancing of debt Intermediate-term financing

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Agricultural Operating Loans

Cover expenses incurred in the normal course of a crop or livestock operating cycle, such as feed, seed, fertilizer, vehicles, equipment and facilities

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Rural Real Estate Loans

For the purchase of farmland, ranchland, and acreage, as well as for property improvements

2023 Director Nominees Requested!

Ag New Mexico is governed by a board of directors elected by its member-stockholders. Each year, the association’s nominating committee selects qualified candidates to run for open board positions. This year, to assist with the nominating process, we are soliciting input to help identify members who may be interested in serving. Stockholders or equity holders (individuals liable on the note) are welcome and encouraged to submit their names or a bio including relevant previous and current employment experience, board memberships, and community involvement.

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