A vital element of any member organization is a dynamic, diverse, and engaged board with enthusiastic elected officials. Ag New Mexico just as all cooperative organizations need to have a robust nominations process to maintain the representation of current membership, embolden fresh ideas, and encourage competition.

Ag New Mexico is proud to serve the Ag community with passion, commitment and integrity, and we are seeking candidates who share in this passion to serve on AGNM’s Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.

Ag New Mexico is governed by a board of directors elected by its member-stockholders. Each year, the association’s nominating committee selects qualified candidates to run for open board positions. This year, to assist with the nominating process, we are soliciting input to help identify members who may be interested in serving.

Stockholders or equity holders (individuals liable on the note) are welcome and encouraged to submit their names or a bio including relevant previous and current employment experience, board memberships, and community involvement.

The board sets the strategic direction of the association and is composed of members from diverse backgrounds. Our board members lead by example and conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, ethics and professional standards. Board members must be voting stockholders who either reside or have an agricultural operation in our chartered territory. Board members typically serve three-year terms and must participate in twelve meetings per year and other events held throughout the territory. We hope you will consider whether you have the skills and experience that would be an asset to the board.

If you are unable to make the commitment to serve as a director, we encourage you to consider serving on the association’s nominating committee. Nominating committee members serve a one-year term and are provided the necessary resources to fulfill their responsibilities. As a nominating committee member, you will participate in two meetings and will be responsible for identifying member-stockholders who you believe have the talent and integrity to serve the needs of your fellow stockholders as a potential board member or nominating committee member.
The nominating committee meets twice a year between October and December, during which time the select the nominees for the upcoming election.  Nominees are then introduced at our Annual Stockholder Meeting traditionally held each spring in April.  Ballots are then finalized and mailed each May with polls typically closing late May and elected directors installed during our June Board Meeting.

If you are interested in either serving as a director or as a member of the nominating committee, please email Chi Robb, Corporate Secretary at chi.robb@farmcreditbank.com or you may call at (575) 762-3828 if you would like additional information.

Thank you for your continued involvement and support of the association.

Respectfully submitted,

Brett Valentine

President & CEO

Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors? Click here to download the Director Nominee Information Form in PDF.

Please email Chi Robb, Corporate Secretary at chi.robb@agnewmexico.com or you may call at (575) 762-3828 if you would like additional information.


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