Linda Brown - Chairman 

Linda was elected to the Board in 2013 and her current term will expire in 2022. She currently serves as chairman of the Board, member of the Audit Committee, and as member ex officio of the Compensation Committee. She also represents Ag New Mexico on the Farm Credit Bank of Texas’ Stockholders Advisory Committee. Linda is a lifelong farmer and cattleman. She and her husband, Wesley, farm and ranch in Roosevelt and Guadalupe counties with the help of their son, daughters, and son-in-law. She is secretary and director of Traveling Water, Inc., a ranching/cattle operation, and Brown Farms, Inc., a farming operation, owned by her and her husband, and partners with her husband in W L Brown JV, a farming joint venture. Linda is a high school graduate of Floyd, NM and has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in mathematics. Past experience includes serving on the Roosevelt County FSA County Committee, National Peanut Growers Group Steering Committee, chairman of New Mexico Peanut Growers Association and New Mexico Peanut Commission, Nominating Committees of Roosevelt County FSA, and Ag New Mexico. She has been a stockholder since 1984.

John Sisk - Director 

John was elected to the board in May 2022 and his term will expire in 2025.  John is an avid cattleman and horseman, originally from Lovington, makes his home in Corona, NM on the Bonita Canyon Ranch where he has been the manager for the last 38 years. In 1983, he graduated from Clarendon College Ranch & Feedlot Operations and has dedicated his life to agriculture and serving others. He prides himself on his program of commercial and registered Angus cattle that thrive in the rugged conditions of the high desert. He has served on the Chaves County Soil and Water Board for 20 years and is currently the Vice Chairman. A man of faith, John is active in the Corona First Baptist Church and holds his conservative family values close to his heart in everything that he does. He shares his love for ranching and western heritage with his wife of 39 years, Beth, three children and eight grandchildren.



Ted McCollum - Vice Chairman 

Ted was appointed to the Board in January 2017, and re-elected to the Board in May 2018 and his term expires 2024. He has served on the Audit, Risk, and Compensation Committees for Ag New Mexico. Currently he serves as Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Compensation Committee. Since the early 1990’s, he has been co-owner of McCollum Cattle Co., along with his brother Mark and sister-in-law Kim McCollum. McCollum Cattle Co. manages cow-calf and stocker/backgrounder operations and feeds cattle. Ted also has ownership interest in the ranching company 4McC Cattle Co., LLC. He is a partner in FCC McCollum LLC, which holds an interest in Frontera Cattle Co. II, LLC, commercial cattle feeding operation in Muleshoe, Texas, where he serves on the Board and as a member of the management team for feed yard operations. Raised in DeBaca County, New Mexico, Dr. McCollum earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University and graduate degrees in Ruminant Nutrition from New Mexico State University. He was on the faculty at Oklahoma State University and recently retired from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Amarillo where he worked with the various production segments of the beef industry in northwestern Texas and eastern New Mexico for many years as a Beef Cattle Specialist. He now consults and oversees family business interests. The McCollum’s have been Ag New Mexico FCS, ACA stockholders since 1979.


Kendal Wilson - Director 

Kendal was elected to the Board in May 2022. His current term will expire in 2025. Kendal is a 6th generation New Mexico cattle rancher who was raised in Lincoln County and currently resides in Carrizozo, NM, with his wife, Chelsea, and two daughters, Kyanna and Jemma. Kendal has a Bachelor of Science degree from New Mexico State University with a major in Agricultural Business and minors in finance, marketing, and accounting; he also has a master’s degree in Agricultural Business. In 2012, Kendal returned to Carrizozo to work for Stirling Spencer, owner of the Bar W ranch, and in 2019 Kendal and his family had the incredible opportunity to lease this ranch which is primarily a commercial Red Angus cow/calf operation. Along with ranching, Kendal owns a solar and water well service and supply company and Wilson Beef, a vertically integrated farm-to-market retail beef business. Kendal currently serves on Carrizozo’s Soil and Water Conservation District, the New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association board of directors, the New Mexico Association of Conservation District board of directors, the Lincoln County Land and Natural Resources Advisory Committee, Nogal Mesa Ranchman’s Camp executive committee, and the Corona Ranch Advisory Committee. Mr. Wilson has been a customer of Ag New Mexico since 2019 and will continue to serve his community and agriculture.


TJ Runyan - Director 

TJ was elected to the Board in 2018, and his term will expire in 2024. Mr. Runyan resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is a lifelong New Mexico resident. Mr. Runyan has been involved in agriculture his entire life and is a produce marketer working with farmers across New Mexico and growers in Texas. His company, Mesilla Valley Produce, markets onions, watermelons, fresh green chilies, and pumpkins. He also has farm ground in Deming, New Mexico, and a small pecan farm. Mr. Runyan has served on several boards, including the National Onion Association and National Watermelon Association, and has also served as a past president of the National Watermelon Promotion Board.




Larry Hammit - Appointed Director 

Larry was appointed to the Board in 2012, and his term expires in 2024. Mr. Hammit was born and raised on a farm near Hale Center, Texas. He was employed by the Farm Credit System for 34 years and served as a director for the last eight years. Mr. Hammit spent 23 years at Plainview Production Credit Association, the first 10 years as a loan officer, six years as credit supervisor, and the last seven years as credit supervisor, CFO, and executive vice president. His most recent past employment was with Great Plains Ag Credit (an antecedent entity of AgTexas Farm Credit Services) as CFO, where he was employed for 11 years. Mr. Hammit received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1973 from Baylor University with a concentration in management and marketing. He is chairman of the Association’s Audit Committee. Mr. Hammit currently resides near Canyon, Texas, and owns and operates a small ranch near Memphis, Texas.



Billy Rucker - Director 

Billy was elected to the Board in 2020, and his term will expire in 2023. Mr. Rucker is blessed to be able to do the job he believes is God’s plan for his life. He, and his wife Sherry, have been farming for 35 years. He partnered in a Dairy Operation for 16 years before realizing his true passion was farming. In 2015 Mr. Rucker converted all of his acreages to Organic Farming. Most recently they have invited their two daughters and son-n-laws to partner with them in a new operation of farming and ranching. He studied accounting and Animal Science at WTSU. Billy has served on the Board of Directors for Parmer County Cotton Gin for over 10 years. He also was the Director of the Finance Committee and is currently on the Missions Committee of his church, Central Baptist in Clovis.


Leadership & Governance

Ag New Mexico is led and governed by a seven (7) member Board of Directors, six are elected by the stockholders and one appointed director selected by the balance of the board.  Director terms are three years and elections for open positions take place in the late-spring each year.

The Board meets regularly to set policy and provide overall direction to the Association’s leadership team.  Our Board of Directors is a group of passionate individuals elected to represent our service to the great state of New Mexico.  Our directors represent the best interests of our stockholders, Ag New Mexico and rural New Mexico.



The Nominating Committee selects board and nominating committee candidates for Ag New Mexico's annual elections.  The six (6) stockholders have been elected to serve on the 2022-2023 Nominating Committee.  Terms are for one year and elections for open positions take place in late-spring each year.

Are you Interested in serving on the Nominating Committee?  Contact our Corporate Secretary and we will provide your information to the 2023-2024 Nominating Committee.


Through Board Committees, work can be divided so far more can be accomplished than if the entire Board acted on all matters.  While a Committee’s primary overall function is advisory, it still has to make Board recommendations, and in some cases, decisions.  The Committee’s meet in person and by teleconference calls throughout the year.  Our Board of Directors has established three Board Committees:

All members of the Ag New Mexico Board of Directors serve on the Audit Committee. The primary objective is to provide oversight of financial reporting and audit initiatives.  View our Audit Committee Charter.

Some members of the Ag New Mexico Board of Directors serve on the Compensation Committee. The primary objective is to provide oversight of compensation and benefit plans.  View our  Compensation Committee Charter.

  • Some members of the Ag New Mexico Board of Directors serve on the Risk Committee. The primary objective is to provide oversight of Association risk management strategies and overall risk profile.


Ag New Mexico employees and directors follow a published Code of Ethics.  This standard is met, in basic terms, by being honest and operating with integrity in every action we take and every business decision we make.  By pledging to follow ethical standards, we’re reaffirming our commitment to ensuring the long-term interests of our customer-stockholders are being served.


Employees, customers, business partners and vendors can anonymously report concerns about suspected fraud-related activities or workplace issues.  The Audit Committee and Board of Directors have established a Whistleblower Program to receive and handle reports.

Ag New Mexico’s anonymous reporting system is maintained and operated by Ethicspoint, an unaffiliated service provider. Concerns submitted to Ethicspoint are sent to Ag New Mexico for review. Individuals have the option to make an anonymous report by contacting Ag New Mexico toll-free at 844-363-2085 or through the  Ethicspoint website.

Ag New Mexico prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a concern. Ag New Mexico is headquartered in Clovis, New Mexico, and serves agribusinesses, farmers and ranchers in New Mexico.  View our Bylaws.