Customer-Owned and -Directed

Ag New Mexico Financing Advantage -

As a credit cooperative, Ag New Mexico is owned by its borrowers and managed by a customer-elected board of directors, who are farmers, ranchers and business people. When you receive an Ag New Mexico loan, you become a stockholder, which entitles you to vote in the director elections and on other business issues and to run for the board of directors. No other type of lender offers this benefit.

A Reliable Source of Funding

We receive our funding from Farm Credit Bank of Texas, of which Ag New Mexico is a part-owner. Farm Credit Bank of Texas, in turn, receives its funding from the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation, which issues bonds and notes in the nation's money markets. Because the Farm Credit System has been doing well for a long time and is a AAA- rated organization, Farm Credit bonds are attractive to the investment community.

We Share Our Earnings

When Ag New Mexico does well financially, our customers benefit. That's the basic philosophy behind our patronage program, and it's a key reason to do business with our cooperative. Every year, the board of directors decides how much of our earnings need to be maintained as capital to fund the co-op's operations and growth. Then, the remainder may be returned to our customer-stockholders in the form of patronage, which lowers their effective interest rate.

Ag Financing Expertise

Ag New Mexico's experienced and friendly staff understands the complex financing needs of rural America. Many of our employees were reared on New Mexico farms or ranches, or they have worked in the agribusiness sector. That experience helps us when we are custom-designing a loan package to meet your particular needs.