Fraudulent and impostor emails appearing to originate from Farm Credit Associations have been reported. For more information click here.

Avoiding E-mail Scams

Dear Ag New Mexico Ag Online Banking User:

Our Ag Online Banking Vendor notified us today of a potential email scam at another Farm Credit Association in which a user of Ag Online Banking (ABOL) received a fraudulent email that appeared to be sent from the vendor. The purpose of the fraudulent email was to get the user to open an attachment to the email that would then compromise the borrower's ABOL account and/or the contents of their computer. This is an increasingly common scheme used by criminal hackers to obtain sensitive personal and financial information. The Association's name in the fraudulent email was not sent in the correct format. To date, there have been no cases where this scam was used against an Ag New Mexico user; however, there is no substitute for vigilance.

The correct email extension format is: (

The fraudulent email address appeared as follows: (

This is a growing area of fraudulent activity, so always be careful when opening any emails with attachments and always verify the address of the sender. If an email looks suspicious, do not open it.

One other measure that users can take is to set automatic Alerts in the ABOL program. Types of alerts that may be set are:

  1. Account Alerts- Notifies customers of any changes to their accounts.
  2. Date Alerts- Notifies customers of important events.
  3. Transaction Alerts- Notifies customer of transactions processed to their accounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Ag New Mexico Relationship Manager.


David M. Wright, CCO

Ag New Mexico Farm Credit Services

1310 Picacho Hills, Suite 1

Las Cruces, NM 88005

575 218-1328